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trailer with chinese subtitles for china (TV/Web) release

Screening Information


Theatrical releases at major cinemas in Japan (Aug 11, 2012), Singapore (Nov 14, 2012) and Macau (Jan 12, 2014). All 3-week runs.


Aired as a Chinese New Year movie at primetime on Macau Cable TV on the first 3 days of CNY. (Feb 10-12, 2013)


Screened at film festivals in Japan, Taiwan, Portugal, Macau and Singapore.


Screened at the University of Southern California (USC) in Sept 2017, Feb 2016, Jan 2015, as well as universities and film schools in Taiwan, Macau, and Singapore.

Online distribution

ROULETTE CITY is distributed on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon internationally, and on multiple Internet platforms in China.


Tak, from Mainland China, goes to Macau with his uncle Wai, hoping to win money to pay for his ill mother's operation. Together they begin to frequent Macau's underground gambling dens - and win big. But as their winnings grow, Wai becomes increasingly distracted by the temptations of the big city, including Tak’s old lover from China - Wynnie. Misled to believe that he had killed Wai in a furied brawl over Wynnie, Tak must find a way to flee Macau with Wynnie. Wynnie lures Tak into a gamble that he cannot refuse: their freedom in exchange for information known to a local policeman, Kin. To gain Kin's trust, Tak befriends Kin’s sister Armanda. Armanda's simple and honest nature catches Tak off-guard and he begins to fall for her. As Tak grows closer to Kin and Armanda, and Kin gets closer to discovering Tak's true intentions, Tak must decide where his true loyalties lie.




中国本土出身のタク(トーマス・リム)は叔父のワイ(キュー・ポウチョン)と共に、マカオにやって来た。病気の母親の手術代を得る為だ。二人は違法カジノへ足を運び、大儲けをするが、ワイは次第に大都会の誘惑に溺れていく。タクの昔の彼女・ウィニー(ジョセフィン・チャイ)と関係したワイを巡り喧嘩沙汰となったタクとワイ。ワイを殺してしまったと思い込んだタクは、マカオの警察官・キン(チョン・シーユン)の情報屋になることで、警察から逃れウィニーと共にマカオから逃亡しようと企む。そしてキンの信用を得る為にタクはキンの妹・アマンダ(エニー・ロイ)と友人になるが、アマンダの純粋で誠実な性格はタクの心を動かし、恋に落ち始める。タクがキン、アマンダと親しくなり、キンがタクの本当の企てを知り始めるとき、タクの心は揺れ動く・・・。(上映時間 1時間16分)

ROULETTE CITY poster (at singapore release)

ROULETTE CITY poster (at singapore release)

TIME OUT HONG KONG interviews Thomas Lim

The 51st edition of TIME OUT HONG KONG published a feature article on Thomas Lim and his debut feature film ‘Roulette City’. (31 Mar - 13 Apr 2010. Page 64)
第51期香港TIME OUT雜誌在2010年3月31日刊登了有關林毅煒和電影《輪盤》的報導。